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Step 44: Fart Art

Ryder is at an art residency, and as a bonus podcast he is sharing about his art struggles and the cure he has found: business people farting.

ART Residency


Chattanooga, TN

Part I

The art world is a complicated place with diverse motivations, bizarre criteria and social norms, yet it also offers profound friendships and solidarity through community. Ryder speaks of the psychology that drove him to choose art as a form of self-help therapy versus a more stable career path,  but also his ridiculous tendency to apply “salvation through works” to his art practice. 

Part II

A story about farting in church, followed by Ryder’s current drawing of business people asleep, levitating through farting. With lots of dumb humor Ryder also brings up the psycho-pathologies of cognitive capitalism that capture, shape us, and determine our existential ennui.

For long-time listeners you will see the references to Max Weber, Robert Jackall, Michael Sandel, and even Baudrillard, Gamsci, Mark Twain, and William James. 



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