How does our primate ancestry drive our behavior? And how does culture, sex, and selection modify our impulses? Rebecca Coffey, author of “Science and Lust,” talks to Ryder about how to consider, navigate and remember our nature amidst the confusion.


We cover a lot of ground, while primarily remaining focused on our shared heritage with apes and our evolutionary basis for behavior. We discuss Freud, Darwin, Morris, natural selection and how culture and sexual selection modify our behavior. We talk about how women can be choosey and men indiscriminate, technology, romance,  Japan, polygamy, incels, epigenetics, and mice wearing polyester pants. 

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Book links:
  • Science and Lust is available in paperback through bookstores and online. It’s also available on Kindle and epub. 
  • Hysterical: Anna Freud’s Story (the fact-based novel revealing Freud’s very real, indelicate analysis of his lesbian daughter)
Evolution stories by Rebecca Coffey



More references:

Sperm “scars” and trauma [link]

Epigenetics, the sins of the father [link]

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