Step 30: Pragmatism (with L)

Mister Lisa and Ryder discuss William James’ pragmatism, and how verified truth works with personal truth.

Digging into William James’ notions of Truth in “Pragmatism” I had a conversation with Mister Lisa about philosophy and truth, and how it operates between being objective and subjective, personal and yet verifiable. Our conversation ranges from practical uses of truth, as an observable action, and common sense or illogic and relativism, which means we talk about other philosophers, Christianity, and even end up discussing mushrooms and electrons.

music courtesy of Feslyian Studios [link]

William James

William James, Pragmatism [link]

William James, Pluralistic Universe [link]

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William James: Pragmatism [link]

William James on Hegel, Pluralistic Universe, Chp 3 [link]

 Susan Lanzoni: Empathy: A History [link]

Bregman, Rutger: Utopia for Realists: How We Can Build the Ideal World [link]

Bregman, Rutger: Humankind: a hopeful history [link]


The Daily: The Social Life of Forests [link]

By Ryder Richards

Ryder is an artist based in Texas who happens to do other things, like reading, writing, and woodworking.

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