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Step 1: Home Depot Orange

Ryder considers a certain orange as it was co-opted from governmental authority to a purchasable symbol, relating self-empowerment to political divisiveness, and ultimately discussing the appeal of simplistic solutions.

Why this orange? Co-opted governmental authority is now purchasable and branded. The citizen who spends money can now be an authority, or at least feel empowered, but perhaps this small rebellion against paying professionals signals something more complex.

Ryder also discusses some of his early works and the appeal of simplistic solutions in the form of Home Depot clamps, which are both comedic and sinister. Yet, when put to work properly, they become mute.


Posse Comitatus (Sovereign Citizens) [link]

A few of Ryder’s paintings/drawings from 2017:


2 responses to “Step 1: Home Depot Orange”
  1. jon whitfill Avatar

    whoa – good truth bombs.. i was thinking about the blue collar / orange clamp complimentary nature of both color
    and function as i listened, closed mouthed. nice correlation between language and commercial form as well –
    but damn near poetic on the jaws closing to hold things/concepts together – bravo

    1. ryderr Avatar

      thanks Jon! The blue-collar/home-depot orange compliment is great. We should talk more…

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