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Oct-Nov 2022: Consuming and Producing

Oct-Nov 2022

A list of books, audiobooks, podcasts, television, and more that I am consuming.
A list of achievements, articles, or plans in the shop to showcase my production.

This series also maps my consumer habits: my time on media can lead to more projects and purchases, as well as influences my thoughts.

Reading :: Listening :: Watching

Wanting :: Getting :: Making

What I am Reading this Month:

Malign Velocities, Benjamin Noys

(paused) Slavoj Zizek, Sex and the Failed Absolute

(slowly reading) Slavoj Zizek, “For they know not what they do: enjoyment as a political factor

Articles that had an impact:

Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System, Donella Meadows

Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception by Adorno and Horkheimer

Vivid Abstractions, Venkatesh Rao

Cozy Futurism, José Luis Ricón (Artir)

Rioting & Looting: As a Modern-Day Form of Potlatch, Neal Keating

Elite Capture, Nicholas Whittaker

The Death of Intellectual Curiosity, Naval Ravikant (Sven Schnieders)


What I am listening to this month:

Audio Books:

The Light of All that Falls, James Islington (highly recommended series)

A Master of Djinn, Clark (I paused it and never started it again.)


Acid Horizon

  • Lyotard or Marx? The Evil Legacy of ‘Libidinal Economy’

Being Well w Doctor Rick & Forest Hanson

  • Discovering Your Wants and Needs

Ezra Klein Show

  • The Single Best Guide to Decarbonization I’ve Heard

Machinic Unconscious Happy Hour

  • Sean Bowden – The Priority of Events — Deleuze’s Logic of Sense

Making Sense (Sam Harris)

  • #301 – The Politics of Unreality — Ukraine and Nuclear Risk

New Books in Systems & Cybernetics

  • Technocracy Now! Part 2 — Exploring Technocracy Through Cybernetics

Outsider Theory

  • Universal Basic MKUltra With Psyop Cinema

    The Philosopher’s Zone

    • How Nietzsche Extracts Cheerfulness From Suffering
    • Satanism

    Ram Dass Here & Now

    • Where Impeccability Lies

    The Life of the Mind, Julian de Medeiros

    • Image, the gaze, and kitsch

    Transmitter Podcast

    • 63 – Prof. Benjamin Noys, “Malign Velocities” Author

    Waking Up (meditation app)

    • The coincidence of Opposites, Alan Watts

    Zizke & So On

    • Surplus Enjoyment!
    • Content on Form


    • Wet Leg
    • Black angels “wilderness of mirrors”
    • Taylor Swift “midnights”
    • Secret Machines “awake in the brain” and “secret machines”
    • BRMC

    What I am streaming this month:

    • Orville #hulu
    • Peaky Blinders (season 6: complete!)
    • Cabinet of Curiosities #netflix
    • The Peripheral (William Gibson) #Amazon (recommended)
    • Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (recommended)
    • a trip to infinity #netflix #documentary

    Youtube history:


    What I want:

    A CNC router, probably the Onefinity Journeyman.

    Etching stuff: to etch patterns and images on tools.

    New sound systems for house and office: won’t do it, but it is fun to look.

    What I got:

    1 vinyl album: Pink Floyd, The Wall

    1 book: China Mieville, “a spectre haunting” – on communism

    iPad mini 6 _ I could write a whole article on all the research I did before this purchase.

    gift from mom: apple watch, series 8 & a beautifully illustrated book

    Knipex sent me a new set of pliers (when the previous set broke)

    digital protractor

    Jessem router guides

    Bridge City Tools: Center Scribe & Miter squares

    The Philosopher’s Tarot, from Repeater Books (Acid Horizon podcast)

    Tech stuff

    Google Ads + Analytics project is going well.

    Lately, my Nanoleaf lights still have a faulty controller after lots of troubleshooting.

    PDF Expert (for reading and note-taking on iPad) ~ $79

    Procreate (for drawing on iPad) $10

    What I produced:


    Art Stuff

    Completed 6 total art shields.

    Wine label is a success.

    Learning how to draw on an iPad

    DIY Stuff

    Paper towel holder

    Leigh Dovetail Jigg Box or crate for storage, which doubles as a clamping station and height increase while using the jig.

    More tools were added to the french cleat wall. (mostly my Bridge City layout tools.)

    Life Stuff

    Two trips to Birmingham, one trip to Atlanta, and a Pickle Ball outing.

    Also, appeared on a new episode of “Helpful for Life” about therapy.

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