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Nov-Dec 2023: Consuming and Producing

Nov-Dec 2023

A list of books, audiobooks, podcasts, television, and more that I am consuming.
A list of achievements, articles, or plans in the shop to showcase my production.

This series also maps my consumer habits: my time on media can lead to more projects and purchases, as well as influence my thoughts.

Reading :: Listening :: Watching

Wanting :: Getting :: Making

What I am Reading this Month:

The Stranger, Albert Camus

Why We Drive, Matthew Crawford


New Reality?Antonio Negri11/30/2023
A Physician Didn’t Shower for 5 Years. Here’s What He Found OutDerek Beres11/30/2023
The More Days You Live, the More Things You KnowRob Henderson11/28/2023
How to Use Obsidian for Writing and ProductivityJustin Pot11/28/2023
Elon Musk’s Disturbing ‘Truth’Yair Rosenberg11/26/2023
A Moral Case Against the Israeli Hostage DealGraeme Wood11/26/2023
ChatGPT’s Life Coaching Was Perceived as More Helpful, Empathetic And…Rolf Degen11/26/2023
OpenAI’s Board Pushes Out Sam Altman, Its High-Profile C.E.O.Cade Metz11/19/2023
Why Are So Many People Registering Their Cars in Montana?LLCTLC11/19/2023
Aristotle’s Model of Communication: 3 Key Elements of PersuasionTheCollector11/18/2023
Exterminate All the BrutesChris Hedges11/1/2023
The Miracle of Kindness: What Chris Hedges Learned From the PalestiniansEmir-Stein Center11/1/2023
The Power of Small Contributions: Supporting Obsidian and Its CommunityTfTHacker11/1/2023

What I am listening to this month:

Audio Books:

“Starter Villian” John Scalzi

“Network Effect” Martha Wells

Time Shelter, Georgi Gospodinov

The Devil: A biography, Vernon Cisney


Beyond Lazy Learning — The Keys to Gaining and Retaining KnowledgeThe Art of Manliness11/7/2023
Reid Hoffman — AI, and What It Means to Be (More) HumanOn Being with Krista Tippett10/29/2023
#397 – Greg Lukianoff — Cancel Culture, Deplatforming, Censorship & Free SpeechLex Fridman Podcast10/9/2023
Derrida, Différance, and Žižek’s ParallaxŽižek And So On10/9/2023
How to Enhance Performance & Learning by Applying a Growth MindsetHuberman Lab10/4/2023
Episode #142 … Richard RortyPhilosophize This!10/2/2023
Foucault, Industry, and the ChurchTheory & Philosophy10/2/2023
René Girard and VictimhoodPhilosopher’s Zone10/2/2023


  • Noah Kahan
  • The Divine Fits
  • Lord Huron
  • Daft Punk
  • Wet Leg
  • Mac Demarco
  • Dope Lemon

What I am streaming this month:

  • Fisk #AmazonPrime
  • The Bear (season 1) #hulu
  • Suits #netflix
  • Napolean #theatre #movie
  • Casino Royale (again) #AmazonPrime

Youtube history:

outdated, will update soon


What I want:

More Festool, always. Still want an angle grinder and toolbag.

New want: Festool pants

Coursera Google Analyst course (certificate in GA4). *still working on it*

What I got:

  • Trailer replacement stuff
  • Bosch Blower (mini, battery powered)
  • Henri Bergson “The Creative Mind”
  • Awkwardness and Creepiness, Adam Kotsko

What I produced:


Side Hustles

Renovation Project Continues

Replaced some of the deck in my trailer as it was rotting out. (required moving everything out, rebuilding the locking hasp, painting, sealing, and then moving everything back in.)

Life Stuff

I went from Birmingham, AL, to Lubbock, TX, for Thanksgiving, then Roswell, NM, to see Mom, and then back to Fort Worth, TX, then onwards to Birmingham, AL.

Invited to do an artist-in-residence, but I had to turn them down.

We hired a new person I work I am training.

I asked/told my company I want to move back to Texas in January/February.

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