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March-April 2022: Consuming and Producing

March – April 2022

A list of books, audiobooks, podcasts, television, and more that I am consuming.
A list of achievements, articles, or plans in the shop to showcase my production.

This series also maps my consumer habits: my time on media can lead to more projects and purchases, as well as influences my thoughts.

Reading :: Listening :: Watching

Wanting :: Getting :: Making

What I am Reading this Month:

Article that had an impact:

Avoid the “Urgency Trap” with the Eisenhower Matrix The Todoist

Our dangerous future of compounding crises: Ukraine, climate, and the pandemic Alexander Verbeek

NYT, Thomas Friedman, The Cancellation of Mother Russia is underway

What I am listening to this month:

Audio Books:

21 lessons from the 21st Century, Yuval Noah Harari

The Fourth Turning, William Strauss and Neil Howe

The Coming Storm, Michael Lewis

The Stone Sky, NK Jemison (the trilogy combines racism, utility, and climate abuse)

Tribe of Mentors, Tim Ferris

  • Susan Cain
  • Kyle Maynard
  • Terry Crews
  • Debbie Millman
  • Naval Ravikant
  • Matt Ridley
  • Bozoma Saint John
  • Tim Urban
  • Janna Levin
  • Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Started: Behave, Robert Sapolsky

Started: The Wolf’s Call, Anthony Ryan

Started: Marketing Made Simple, Donald Miller


Tim Ferris

  • 573 – Margaret Atwood

Philosophy for our times

  • Art beyond the sublime, Rupert Sheldrake, Minna Salami, Olivia Fane, Joanna Kavenna
  • Has Philosophy Lost it’s stories? Galan Strawson, Patricia Churchland, Hilary Lawson
  • Panpsychism vs physics, Phillip goff

Philosophize This!

  • 163- the creation of meaning, escape from evil

The Philosopher’s Zone

  • Art & Climate (feb 13th)
  • China, Confuscious, and the Courtyard
  • Stuff

Acid Horizon

  • The refusal of work in Guattari and Negri’s ‘Communists like us’

Talking Politics: History of Ideas 2

  • Bentham on Pleasure

Making Sense w Sam Harris

  • 276 – Defending the global order
  • Absolutely Mental Season 3

Waking Up

  • Turn the light of awake awareness around
  • Mindful seeing, present moment

The Knowledge Project

  • Dr. Andrew Huberman: The Science of Small Changes [The Knowledge Project Ep. #133]
  • Diana Chapman: Trusting Your Instincts [The Knowledge Project Ep. #130]

Talking Politics

  • American Civil War?
  • The Next Big thing

Huberman Lab

  • Dr. Andy Galpin, How to Build Strenght, Size, and Endurance

The Art of Manliness

  • Run like a Pro (even if you are slow)
  • The Dangers of Concept Creep


  • Earth by Ed O’brein
  • Boards of Canada
  • Autechre
  • Midlake, for the sake of the bethel woods
  • Arcade Fire, WE
  • Damien Jurado, Roger
  • Fucked up, do all words can do
  • BRMC, Wrong Creatures
  • Interpol, Bright Lights
  • Fontaines D.C. Dogrel
  • Heavy Lungs, Straight to CD

What I am watching this month:

  • Batman #theater (recommended)
  • Severance #appletv (recommended)
  • Nightmare Alley #hulu
  • Gaurdians of Justice #netflix (Maybe recommend? It’s weird, but maybe in a good way)
  • Windfall #netflix (recommended)
  • Thre protege #amazon
  • Special #amazon
  • The adam Project #netflix
  • Wallander #netflix
  • Murderville #netflix
  • Regular Show #hulu



What I want:

Pickman electric truck + Solar Cells on my shop to power it. (But I don’t really want the truck… I just think it would be funny)

Waiting: Hammer A3-341

What I got:

Rode PSA1+ Microphone boom arm

Festool Carvex Jigsaw, (PSC)

Jorgensen quick release clamps (I got 3 different sizes, maybe 8 clamps total, and they are already much better than my Irwin clamps.)

What I produced:


DIY Stuff

Ongoing: drywalling and insulating the “loft” area which will be for storage.

Other Things

Delivered the seven pedestals from last month

Build very complicated e-commerce events and membership website for a client (sorry, but can’t share it). So far about 40 hours in, which is excessive.

Bought a small septic pump because our septic system broke, and until we can repair it I have to pump the system every couple of days.

Shop stuff: had the concrete in front of the shop repaired so it would stop puddling at the door…. and they did the exact same thing a second time. So, now I have to fight them to come out again and fix it a second time.

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