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July-Aug 2023: Consuming and Producing

July-Aug 2023

A list of books, audiobooks, podcasts, television, and more that I am consuming.
A list of achievements, articles, or plans in the shop to showcase my production.

This series also maps my consumer habits: my time on media can lead to more projects and purchases, as well as influence my thoughts.

Reading :: Listening :: Watching

Wanting :: Getting :: Making

What I am Reading this Month:

The Parallax View, Slavoj Zizek

The Human Stain, Phillip Roth


Study of Elite College Admissions Data Suggests Being Very Rich Is Its Own Qualification, By Aatish BhatiaClaire Cain Miller and Josh Katz July 24, 2023

Why the Past 10 Years of American Life Have Been Uniquely Stupid – The Atlantic (2022), Jonathan Haidt

Depressingly Easy, Scientific American, By Kelly Lambert on August 1, 2008

Swiping and Dating Preferences, Gender divides in sex and relationships, by ROB HENDERSON, JUL 23, 2023

Is “Male Headship” Actually A Kink?: Trust versus “consent” in long-term relationships, by MARY HARRINGTON, JUL 20, 2023

What is vitalism?: A response to the over-administration of life. MATTHEW B. CRAWFORD, JUL 20, 2023

Anna Pagès, philosopher: ‘Let the blank page return. Students need exposure to the void’, El Pais, interview by Laura Fernández, JUL 11, 2023

Love’s Work: Philosopher Gillian Rose on the Value of Getting It Wrong, The Marginalia

Kierkegaard on Why Anxiety Powers Creativity Rather Than Hindering It, The Marginalia

The dawn of the Bohemian Peasants: This new class is more than just an aesthetic, unHerd, BY LOUIS ELTON, July 17, 2023

A movement to where? What, if anything, is “right-wing” art? by Pierre d’Alancaisez, 14 July, 2023

The Case Against Longtermism: The philosophy is impractical and does more harm than good. by BRIAN LUI

An Introduction to Walter Benjamin’s One Way Street Jul 9, 2023, By Luke Dunne

Yellowstone, Female Conversations, Economic Crimes, by ROB HENDERSON

Active Patience, Farnam Street, No. 532, July 9, 2023

Lecture 1: the divine madness, Julian de Medeiros on Zizek

NPR: U.S. is barred from combating disinformation on social media. Here’s what it means, July 5, 2023, By Laurel Wamsley, Shannon Bond

To design in the age of AI, understanding the “Why” becomes more important than ever: ChatGPT and MidjourneyAI make first drafts easier, but design iterations will require skilled designers, by Kai Wong

They Lied About Afghanistan. They Lied About Iraq. And They Are Lying About Ukraine.” by Chris Hedges

NY Times, As a Rabbi, I’ve Had a Privileged View of the Human Condition, July 2, 2023

UnHerd, Why CBT won’t set you free: Therapy isn’t making us any happier, by BY NINA LYON

UnHerd, As France burns, the far-Right rises: Emmanuel Macron has ignored the plight of the suburbs, bY DAVID A. BELL

What I am listening to this month:

Audio Books:

Blood will out, Walter Kirn


American This Week (Racket to Go)

  • Episode 47 — “America This Week,” With Matt Taibbi and Walter Kirn

Acid Horizon

  • The Devil — Who the Hell Is Satan? With Vernon W. Cisney

Lex Fridman

  • 386 – Marc Andreessen — Future of the Internet, Technology, and AI


  • The Case Against Democracy

Philosophize This!

  • Episode #183 … Is ChatGPT Really Intelligent?


  • The caretaker
  • Macintosh Plus “floral shoppe” 2011
  • Music for the Starling Girl, Lord Huron Ben Schnieder
  • Brian Eno
  • Moon Duo

What I am streaming this month:

  • Silicone Valley #HBO

Youtube history:


What I want:

Leatherworking tools

What I got:

ChatGPT + MidJourney (set up on Discord)

Fellow coffee containers

What I produced:


Life Stuff

I had to mellow out for a bit. Spent 2 weeks in Brooklyn.

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