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Feb-March 2022: Consuming and Producing

February 2022 – March 2022

A list of books, audiobooks, podcasts, television, and more that I am consuming.
A list of achievements, articles, or plans in the shop to showcase my production.

This series also maps my consumer habits: my time on media can lead to more projects and purchases, as well as influences my thoughts.

Reading :: Listening :: Watching

Wanting :: Getting :: Making

What I am Reading this Month:

Article that had an impact:

Timothy Snyder, “How to think about war in ukraine”

Timothy Snyder, “How to Talk About the War”

Timothy Snyder, Genocide or Genocide?

Yuval Noah Harari argues that what’s at stake in Ukraine is the direction of human history, The economist

The 100-hour rule, Michael Simmons (Medium)

What I am listening to this month:

Audio Books:

21 lessons from the 21st Century, Yuval Noah Harari

The Fourth Turning, William Strauss and Neil Howe

Permafrost, Alastair Reynolds

Tribe of Mentors, Tim Ferris
(Steven Pressfield, Samin Nosrat)

The infinity blade: Awakening, Brandon Sanderson

Murder by other means, john scalzi


Tim Ferris

  • 573 – Margaret Atwood

Philosophy for our times

  • how to navigate the hidden gems of philosophy | Maria Balaska
  • Freeill, the self, and other illusions | Galen Strawson

Philosophize This!

  • 162- the creation of meaning, the denial of death (ernest becker)

The Philosopher’s Zone

  • Art & Climate (feb 13th)
  • China, Confuscious, and the Courtyard
  • Stuff

Acid Horizon

  • inner experience: radical vs. reactionary magic (feb 19th)
  • Rhizome wrap up

Talking Politics: History of Ideas 2

  • Bentham on Pleasure

Making Sense w Sam Harris

  • 274 – The future of american democracy

Waking Up

  • No problem to solve, loch kelly
  • Awakening glimpse by glimpse, loch kelly
  • Forgiveness, David Whyte

Free Thoughts

  • The Allure of the natural

Talking Politics

  • Putin’s Next Move

Thinking About (Timothy Snyder)

  • The geopolitical olympics
  • Practice Corporeal Politics
  • Winter Sieges of North Americn capitals

It could happen here

  • The lost history of cybernetics


  • Arctic Monkeys, Tranquility base hotel + Casino
  • Joseph of Mercury
  • Lumineers
  • Say hi
  • Beach house
  • Alt J
  • Soul/Funk
  • A-list K-pop

What I am watching this month:

  • Wu Assassin #netflix
  • Young Wallander #netflix
  • Special #amazon
  • Murderville #netflix
  • Downfall: the case agaisnt Boeing #netflix
  • Midnight gospel “The mouse of silver” #netflix (recommended)
  • Big bug, #netflix, French
  • DOE #amazon
  • The harder they fall, #netflix
  • Power of the dog #netflix (recommended)
  • Altered CArbon (season 1) (rewatch) #netflix
  • woman in the house across the street from the girl in the window #netflix (only made it 3 episodes)
  • Jack Reacher #amazon (awful, but I still watched it)



What I want:

Rode PSA1+ Microphone boom arm

Canoo Electric Truck + Solar Cells on my shop to power it.

Honda Acty Kei Truck

What I got:

JessEm 04301 Clear-Cut TS Stock Guides

I put down a deposit on the Hammer A3-31 planer jointer combo machine. It should arrive in April.

3 Nanoleaf light bulbs, a light strip with 2 extensions, and a second HomePod Mini to control them

Grex 23 gauge Pin nailer

Benchdogs Rail Square (for tracksaw)

What I produced:


DIY Stuff

One small thing: I set up a french cleat wall (still in process)

Another thing: I built a cabinet to house the air compressor, and lifted the Oneida Supercell up above it. (now I need to set up a ductwork system for air flow)

Oak Cliff Cultural Center

Build and paint seven pedestals


I mounted a light strip with some molding over it, which was an odd bit of DIY. And I picked up some pillows with superheroes when I need a power nap.

Then I used a cracked granite slab to set up my coffee maker on an old cabinet I made. (This is temporary)

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