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Dec-Jan 2023: Consuming and Producing

Dec-Jan 2023

A list of books, audiobooks, podcasts, television, and more that I am consuming.
A list of achievements, articles, or plans in the shop to showcase my production.

This series also maps my consumer habits: my time on media can lead to more projects and purchases, as well as influences my thoughts.

Reading :: Listening :: Watching

Wanting :: Getting :: Making

What I am Reading this Month:

Articles that had an impact:

Exit the Supersensorium, Erik Hoel (recommended)

Lemurian Time War, Burroughs, CCRU

Thinking together, Gordon Brander

Towards a Politics of ‘Pure Means’: Walter Benjamin and the Question of Violence – Sami Khatib

The Art of Resilient Reading, Stephen Bradford Long

Are Prisons Computers? Ian Alan Paul

What I am listening to this month:

Audio Books:

The Dispossessed, by Ursula K LeGuin (recommended)

The Sex Lives of Cannibals, J. Maarten Troost

Komarr, Lois McMaster Bujold

Homo Deus, Yuval Noah Harari


Acid Horizon

  • Are Prisons Computers? With Ian Alan Paul
  • Deleuze and Guattari — One or Several Wolves Go to Therapy

The Active Voice

  • Chris Hedges Stands With Whatever Side Is Being Crushed

The Knowledge Project

  • 154 Emily Balcetis — Setting and Achieving Goals

Machinic Unconscious Happy Hour

  • Matthew Flisfeder – Algorithmic Desire

Philosophize This!

  • Episode #172 … Simone Weil – Attention

Psyop Cinema

  • Conspiracy Theory

Sacred Tension

  • Derrida, the Exorcist, and Losing Faith | David Rutledge of the Philosopher’s Zone

Zizke & So On

  • For they know not what they do… (Zizek) Matthew Flisfeder


  • Oliver Tree
  • Noah Kahan (recommended)
  • The Divine Fits
  • Spoon
  • The Strokes
  • Snail Mail
  • Windmill
  • Steve Lacy
  • FKA Twigs
  • Jamiroquai
  • Thundercat
  • Viagra Boys

What I am streaming this month:

  • Christmas Vacation
  • Office Christmas Party
  • Marvelous Miss Mazel #amazon
  • Just started: White Lotus #HBO
  • Just started: His Dark Materials #HBO
  • Amsterdam #HBO (recommended)

Youtube history:


What I want:

Stilll looking at espresso stuff, but this would be a more budget set up.

What I got:

Matter Reader PATRON status (3 years at 48% discount) – $150

Readwise Beta Reader App (it can take script notes from YouTube videos!)

Youtube Premium ($10/month)

A nice soft jacket, some Lulu Lemon pants and tops

Dovo Straight Razor, with strop and brush for shaving

New tires on the truck, renewed my website hosting, blah blah blah

What I produced:


Art Stuff

Some old school drawings

An art installation at 5&J Gallery, Lubbock

2050, The Shit Show, Lubbock, Texas

Life Stuff

Spent time in Birmingham, Lubbock, Roswell, back to Birmingham, then back to Lubbock, McKinney, Lubbock, and finally Birmingham again.

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