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Aug 2021: Consuming and Producing

July – August 2021

A list of books, audiobooks, podcasts, television and more that I am consuming.
A list of achievements, articles, or plans in the shop to showcase my producing.

This series also maps my consumer habits, and how my time on Youtube and Instagram leads to shop projects and purchases, as well as influences my thoughts.

What I am Reading this Month:

What I am listening to this month:

Audio Books:


Article that had an impact:

Decolonozation is not a metaphor, Eve Tuck and K. Wayne Yang

Last Exit to Socialism, Slavoj Zizek

You don’t have the right to believe whatever you want to, Aeon, Daniel DeNicola

What I am watching this month:

  • Regular Show (Hulu)
  • Tomorrow War (Chris Pratt) (Prime)
  • Black Widow (Scarlett Johansen)
  • Infinite (Mark Wahlberg)
  • Ted Lasso (recommended) (Apple)
  • Loki (Disney) 1 episode. I think that’s all I needed. Ugh.
  • “See” 1 episode (apple)
  • Grizzly Man, Herzog (prime)
  • Jolt (prime)
  • Lo and behold, Herzog (prime)

Note: What’s the deal with needing a sword of some kind, jumping onto a plan or helicopter with a motorcycle, and then using the sword to slow your momentum. It’s seriously in every lame action movie now.

What I am consuming online



  • Battles
  • Idles
  • Broken Social Scene
  • Black Keys (Delta Cream)
  • Godspeed you black emperor!
  • Ra Ra Riot Maroon 5 (JORDI) – Spatial Audio on Apple
  • Jamiroquai
  • *repeat repeat
  • the raveonettes
  • lords of huron
  • black angels
  • chet faker
  • Sfujan Stevens – Tonya Harding


What I want:

A new 1,200 sf shop in the backyard… still…. Contractor is having some troubles, which translates into delays. Finally getting the permitting through.

Oneida Supercell Dust Collection system might be nice… I’m not sure yet. Long ways to go before I can upgrade dust collection.

First, I have to build an office in my new shop, which will be a September/October thing, and then I can start fussing with the tools.

Pipe Dream: Kubota Mini Excavator and a K-Truck. I just think they would be cute together.

A new thing I now think I can’t live without:

Roam Research

I am having to play catch-up to stay ahead of the somewhat steep learning curve on this one. Mostly, it just seems there are smart ways to do this, and I don’t want to clutter it up with my dumb ways.

What I got:

An art Residency, Stoveworks, Chattanooga TN

Aeropress coffee maker. This little thing is amazing. It makes really good coffee, is quite forgiving, and easy to use.

I got it because I bought really nice coffee in Chattanoga, VELO Roasters, but didn’t want to be reliant on drip brewing or pour-over coffee. It just lacks the density of rich flavor I like, which is somewhere between a shot and an Americano, more like a long black. The Aeropress delivers the density of an espresso shot (though not quite?) in about one-third the time it takes to make a pour-over.

What I produced:

1 podcasts this month.

What I made:


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