“let’s THiNK about it” podcast with Ryder Richards

let us think about it podcast with ryder richards

Live wiser.

Ryder reads great thinkers and offers their insights to you.

Let’s THiNK about it podcast

hosted by Ryder Richards

How do we reduce confusion (and manipulation) in our search for authentic individuality?

By being aware of the social fiction and contradictions that surround us.

Our Journey

includes the following topics

  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Society/Culture
  • Self Help/Mental Health
  • Labor/Leisure
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Popular Culture

What podcast listeners are saying:

When searching for content to fill my drive time, I am often bored or annoyed by podcast presenters and end up listening to public radio (the music station.) But after listening to Surveillance Capitalism by Ryder, time passes quickly (engaging content) and I also have a few laughs (his voice effects) and learn a few new words (big vocabulary.)

Valerie Grimes, The Flow Center

The podcast makes you think about daily acceptances of “the way things are” that deserve to be questioned. It challenges the authenticity of thought and a true search for facts to support theories. I enjoy the pointing out of daily hypocrisy not overly obvious to me prior to listening. Definitely recommend listening to this one!

Lucy Deasley

Join Ryder on a path of discovery dotted with books, philosophers, and human problems.

He is desperately trying to untangle how individuality is shaped by society, which is all tangled up with money and invisible nudges.

On his journey, Ryder offers up mental tools to help you take what you learn into your daily life.

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